Thursday, May 8

walmart deals

so i went to walmart yesterday to get a gift for a birthday party this weekend and while i was there i got 3 of the all you magazines (for the Adidas coupon) and while i was there i got the 2 free boxes of live active cereal and i had a coupon for the Bic soleil razor i could never get the razor at cvs last week just the refills lol so i had a coupon to buy one and get a pack of refills for free so i jumped on it lol and i got another coupon in the mail for the clean teams products so here's my breakdown
2 live active cereals 2.84 each i used 2 3.00 off coupons
3 all you magazines 1.77 each
2 small gifts for cheyennes friend 11.00
2 huggies clean team baby wipes 1.64 each i had a 3.00 off 2 products so my total was like 14 cent a piece
bic razor 5.95
bic refill 6.47 (free) i had a coupon
so the total was 24.43 and with out the gift i got everything in the picture except the magazines for 13 something not to bad in my book!!

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