Sunday, May 25

ha ha

so we went to church this morning and actually made it on time and as an added shocker kk went to her room and was happy usually she screams for a minute when we drop her off and i figured today would be no different cause when i told her we were going she was crying and saying NO CHURCH!!!! over and over again!! but like i said she went happily today wow wow wow so that was awesome!! after that i decided to go to cvs by the church i have never been to this one its a little out of the way for me (except after church) but anyways i really did not wanna make bread today and i had 11 bucks in ecb so i got the last 2 loves of bread they had and they had there lays chips B1G1 free and i had to burn 5 more buck so i got 2 bags of them and then 2 boxes of cheese/wheat crackers they were 2/$3.00 so i got up there to pay and it was a little over 15 bucks and i was surprised i thought it would be cheaper but i paid 11 in ecb and then 4 something in cash and left got in the car to realize Cody stole a ball so everyone had to get out of the van and go back in and i made Cody give the ball to the cashier and tell her sorry and then we were on our way again and i decided to look at my receipt cause i just did not think it should have been that much and there is was i paid for both bags of chips at 3.79 a pop so all of us had to get back out and the manager had to be called over and she was my cashier at the time and was really cool and was like that sucks well do you want a refund or just to grab 2 more bags and i thought for a second and said 2 more bags would be fine and that was that so for a little over 4 bucks i got 4 bags of lays chips 2 boxes of crackers and 2 loves of bread not to shabby!!

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