Thursday, May 29


so a few days ago my annoying (lol) little brother called me to tell me that our moms in jail and of course i do not believe him cause he never speaks the truth he is always making up some kinda dumb crap so i am like whatever and then the next night i get an email from one of my moms friends saying that everyone needs to pray for my mom and i am like thats strange so i call her cell and she does not answer but thats not really uncommon cause she is pretty busy so i call Billy's cell to see if she is at home and he said i told you yesterday shes in jail and really i still don't believe him so i call my aunt and shes not home but my cousin (17) says she is in jail and really i think him and billy are trying to pull a fast one on me but i sorta believe it at this point but i tell him to tell my aunt to call me when she gets home and i find out it is true they put her in jail to teach her a lesson and if you are wondering what the lesson was it was to update her address when she moves cause they tried to issues her a certified letter for a court date cause bill her ex wanted the child support lowered again and its already so low really he should be happy he pays just a little over 200 for 2 kids i mean some people would be in heaven and not broke as crap but anyways!! she was suppose to meet with the judge yesterday and he did not show up what the heck is that???? so today on day 3 of being in jail she is meeting with the judge and hopefully will get out this is just the dumbest thing i have ever heard and i really just can't believe they did this to her and came to her work and arrested her really this is just insane OK well enough of my rant


Anonymous said...

omg thats messed up..

Toni said...

OK, what gives? email me! or I'll email you actually!