Monday, May 12

5-12-08 to do list

  1. 3 loads of laundry (hopefully more but just saying 3) done with 3 still doing more thou!!!
  2. 2 loads of dishes (one started one to go) done with both but i shockingly have another half load to put in!!!
  3. fold diapers done finally after a week (or 2) of sitting in the basket i finally folded them go me!!!
  4. vacuum living room
  5. sweep kitchen
  6. mop kitchen tonight
  7. have dinner ready by 6:30
  8. make a trip to cvs&Walgreen's
  9. make a menu with mostly stuff we have at home done i did really well to!!
  10. make a shopping list for the store done again i did really well and my list is so short i am getting better at planing and menu making i guess!!
  11. go to the store (stick to list)
  12. have kids clean there rooms
  13. tidy up both bathrooms
  14. post toys we are getting rid of on freecycle (anyone want them they are mostly rescue hero's) done and someone is on there way to get them now thank you!!! ;)

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