Saturday, May 24

to do list for 5-24-08

  1. turn on some good music and light a candle to stay motivated well i ended up being motivated without the music and candle lol
  2. clean kitchen counters done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  4. wash kitchen floor mats (or at least shake them out outside)
  5. clean stove done!!
  6. clean front of fridge done!!
  7. have the kids wipe the lower cabinets down
  8. clean the microwave (this counts as 2 its a big job lol) done and it was not to bad!!
  9. organize pots and pans and get rid of ones i no longer need or use done!!
  10. organize food by expiration dates done!!
  11. start dishwasher and put dishes away right away when they are done done!!
  12. put a movie on for the kids and mop/scrub the kitchen floor done finally 8-25-08!!
  13. organize papers in the kitchen junk drawers and toss stuff i have not used in forever finished one and it was a job it took almost an hour!!! i still have 4 more wow wow wow!!! done with all 5!!!

well thats all for now if i finish all this i will start a list for my room boy i hope i can at least do this today that would be awesome

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