Saturday, August 9

yep yep..

well today has not started out the best i was in the playroom with kk playing and she was taking all the toys out of her toy box like she always does and she started crying so i said well come here but she did not so i picked her up and a spider started crawling on my arm and i think that it bit her cause she has a small red mark under her butt where she said her bo bo was but so far she is fine thank god but how scary i did save that nasty spider thou in a plastic baggie just in case thou!!! but after that we cleaned up some around the house and then took a drive and tried to pick Cheyennes refill up but sadly the outside window is not open on the weekends so i will have to wait till Monday cause there is no way i am going in there lol!! so we went to the car wash and i vacuumed the van and man i am so glad i finally did this its been needing to be done for awhile and it looks great now so yeah!!! and now i am just home chillin i think we are just gonna chill here today and clean and watch a little TV but that's about it i should go to the beach but i just don't feel like it!! well i am not doing a list today but i am gonna try to finish up yesterdays list! later guys...

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