Tuesday, August 5

well well well....

so today has been a loooong day and its still not over i still have to go to food lion and get wic stuff!! Cheyenne got a check for 50 bucks in the mail so we went to the bank and cashed it and then went to walmart and she spent it pretty fast!! after that we went to the library and stayed there about an hour or so we stayed long enough that kk was not mad like she usually is she was able to do everyone of the puzzles she loves wood puzzles!! but then we would have went to food lion but i left my checks at home so that really stunk and i have to go today and get milk cause i am down way to low!!! i was able to get my appointment with the cardiologist today and on the 29th i will be going to that and i am looking fwd to going cause i really want to hear him/her say its noting!! but anyways i better go i want to get to food lion and get that done and over with cause i am ready to just relax and watch a movie or something later guys!

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