Monday, August 11

daily chores (8-11-08)

  • b-fast Cinnamon rolls yummy!!
  • dishes done!!
  • brush teeth done!!
  • tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  • have kids make there beds done!!
  • 1 load of laundry done!!
  • garden work/outside time for kiddos done and i still have a lot to do!!
  • lunch hot dogs and raisins
  • dishes done!!
  • counters done!!
  • tidy up living room/fl room done!!
  • go to the library nope but i have to go tomorrow!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done!!
  • sweep kitchen, living room, hallway, bedrooms done!!
  • have kids clean there rooms done!!
  • dinner done!
  • brush teeth/baths done!!
  • mop kitchen floor
  • bed by 8:30 it was around 9pm..

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