Friday, August 1


well i am pretty surprised by all the people that have come to my blog and voted its been pretty cool reading all the comments and seeing the number of visitors rise lol!! but anyways i have a lot to do today and i do mean a lot yesterday i was super lazy and chad called so i talked to him probably an hour or so and that was cool he is thinking about getting a new tattoo tomarrow so that should be pretty cool if he does! lets see what else will we be doing today besides cleaning oh yeah there is a free barbecue at the community center on off base housing and you all know how i love free food lol so we are so going hahaha they are also having a bounce house thing and door prizes and stuff so it should be fun and after that i think we are gonna make a quick stop to the the store and get a couple things even thou its the worst day in the world to go (military pay day lol) but while i am right next to the commissary i should go instead of waiting a few days and wasting more gas!! well anyways i guess thats all for now i am doing my routine thing today ;)

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