Thursday, August 14

our day...

wow talk about a stressful day it all started last night with me not being able to sleep good at all and then waking up at 7am with a monster headache that even now at 2pm its still there a little!! so anyways at 10am we had kyles 1st grade orientation with Mrs. cooper and since Cheyenne had her last year i knew what to expect there and that was just her saying her name and giving the parents a pack of papers to bring back Monday we were out of there by 10:05 lol so i ran into a friend and we we let our kids play at the new park the school got this year and boy did they need that new park!! so finally 11am rolled around and we went to Cheyennes orientation with Mrs. mcallister and it went well Cheyenne seemed to really like her and there were a few girls in the class cheyenne really liked so thats awesome, she is excited about going on Monday so that makes me feel really good!! and after that we went back home and ate lunch and then got ready to go to Cody orientation at 1pm and it was raining pretty hard at this point and my stupid breaks in the van are really pissing me off and kinda locking up again and being loud and i am having a horrible time trying to park but finally get my van in a place and we get in and the lady wants me to come back in 30 minutes i am sooooooooo screaming in my head haha but we left and came back at 130 and its still raining but not as bad and we get to meet Cody's teacher and all the kids got to play with toys in the classroom so it was cool i have a ton of papers to fill out this weekend but its cool it will give me something to do since it looks like the rain is never gonna end and we will be stuck inside!! its finally looking a little better outside and i think we are gonna go to the commissary cause tomarrow they will be super packed cause its payday!! i have to get a few things for Cheyennes class and then a few food items mostly the pantry is very stocked but i need butter and sugar and a few things for there lunch boxes well i am outta here later guys!

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Penny Pinching Mom said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and thought I would leave you a really quick comment. I know how you are feeling with all of the bustle and paperwork that equates with back-to-school time. Our schools started last Thursday, and I had two sets of paperwork that I had to fill out. My boys were excited to go, and I was even more excited for them.

I just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading your blog, and I will be checking back often for your updates.

Take care.