Friday, August 8

to do list for 8/8/08

  • breakfast/ eat done!!

  • brush teeth done!!

  • tidy up kitchen done!!

  • 1 load of laundry done!!

  • clean van out at home then drive to the car wash and vacuum it done finally and it looks great i am so happy i finally did this!!!!!! 8/9/08

  • help kyle and Cheyenne declutter there rooms done!! 8/9/08

  • lunch/ eat done!!

  • tidy up kitchen done!!

  • clean and organize inside storage room i mostly finished it all i really have to still do it wipe the floor down cause one of the kids spilled a drink in there 8/9/08

  • clean and organize my desk done!! 8/9/08

  • clean front of all TVs and clean all mirrors in the house

  • take a tomato plant or 2 out of the garden (anyone want it i think it would make it in a pot let me know asap if you want it!!) i took 3 out 2 were so bad but one would have made it just fine i hate just throwing it away!!

  • post stuff on freecycle i took it to the base thrift store i was to lazy to post it lol

  • have kids clean up outside mostly done but then it rained..........again

  • have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!

  • everyone work together and clean toy room done!!

  • dinner/eat done!!

  • tidy up kitchen and living room done and it took me pretty much all day and no it was not really a mess i was just slow to do it i guess...8/9/08

  • have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs

  • baths/showers done!!

  • brush teeth done!!

  • bed by 9pm done!!

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