Sunday, August 10

our day..

man today has been a long day it was a good day thou the computer and phone were out since around 9am or so and i just figured it was one of those things and it would pop back on later but 7pm rolled around and still noting so i called and they reset the system and now its working but in a way i am glad i waited all day for it to get fixed cause it was nice not coming to the computer 100 times a day seeing if chad wrote or just doing whatever!! i ended up making a big breakfast and lunch and we went on a bike ride i had to air up all the tires first grrr but finally we got to go and it was good it felt nice to ride my bike again its been awhile!! but then we found some cool trash laying out so we had to come home and get the van lol but we were all hot and sweaty by then anyways so it was time!!! so when we finally got back home after dumpster diving haha we all had some ice cream cones i had 4 omg right??!! i feel like crap now thou but i suppose it serves me right haha!! i am not really sure what we are gonna be doing this week coming up but we do need to make it fun since the kids are gonna be going to school the following week!! now while i am sad they are gonna be going i am also kinda happy cause it will make the time and days go by faster and before we all know it chad will be home!! but i still wish i could have done the virtual homeschooling thing with them and i hope next year duval county is on the ball and has a program up and running cause we do still have 2 years here and if they go as slow as this last year went it will probably feel like 10 its so lonely not ever having chad here its crazy we have only seen him 5 mts in the 12mts and when he gets back sadly they will be leaving soon after it really makes you hate the navy and everything about it ya no!! but i guess it could be worse i could be an army wife and if that was the case he would be gone for a 18mths at a time and boy that's just to long!! well anyways.....

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