Monday, August 25

our day so far..

silly silly girl!!

so i did the crazy paranoid parent thing today and brought Cody to the Dr over a cough but it sounded so croupy like that i really thought he needed to get it checked out and i was thinking he should stay home from school and not pass it on but the Dr did this and that and said he was cool and did not need to stay home from school so i guess hes going today and hes happy about that he loves going he said story time is boring and takes sooooo long and he really wishes his teacher would read faster hahahaha i thought that was pretty funny!! he really cracks me up he also told me the other day he was mad at daddy cause he made us leave Oklahoma and if we don't go back hes gonna go on an adventure back to Oklahoma and i said oh yeah do you know how to get there and he said yes i am making a map now and then he proceeded to make that map so i told him good luck and that i would sure miss him and he just started laughing and said he was just joking but he does miss Oklahoma hehe!! as far as today goes the only thing i really have planned is to go the library i have a few movies and books that need to be returned they were actually due Thursday and with the storm they did not get turned in and there was a DVD i could not renew online so that really sucks since there is a 1 dollar late charge for everyday late!!! and to top it off i never even watched it so that sucks!! but oh well!! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys..

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

haha kids say the darnest things, huh!! LOL Thats cute what you said cody said tho. I heard him say hi to Maddi this morning. I go Madisyn was that your boyfriend. and she giggles and goes YEAH! It was funny. Well woman, I guess we'll both be lonely come Sept 9th =( Maybe we can have our own little play dates, if your up to it. CUTE PIC OF KK!