Wednesday, August 20

so far so good...

well i woke up this morning and saw that they are thinking that fay will stay a tropical storm and not turn into a hurricane so that's awesome!! but as with all storms its still possible that it could change and become a hurricane but as of right now i am a lot less worried!! now all i really have to worry about is losing power which while its not that big of a deal its still gonna stink cause all the food i have in the deep freeze and just the regular fridge but i would much rather lose power then get a hurricane and have to leave and find a place to stay!! Cheyenne and kyle are still out of school today but so far Cody has to go but the lady at his school told me to call at 1130 and see if they were still opened he goes from 1230-330 i really hope they cancel it cause i have a lot of Dr's. appointments this month and he is only allowed to miss 3 days a month due to the vpk funding and if he miss's more then he will get kicked out of the school and that really sucks so i have not decided what to do yet...well i guess that's all i got right now i am gonna try to clean clean clean to keep me busy and so i will not have lot of stuff piled up if we do lose power but anyways until next time later guys!

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Anonymous said...

hope it stays a tropical storm.
that sucks he can only miss 3 days. did they close pre-k today?