Tuesday, August 26

today is the day to quit being lazy!!

so here's my quit being lazy list!!!

  • dishes done with the 1st round but there will be more later as usual!!
  • sweep and mop floor
  • clean counters and stove done!!
  • dinner by 6:30 done we had hamburger helper i was feeling lazy lol

living room

  • clean table done!!
  • vacuum rugs thank you Cheyenne ;)
  • fold and put away all clean clothes off the couch done!!
  • spot clean couch
  • tidy up my sewing desk
  • clean TV screen


  • have kids clean there rooms before dinner time done!!
  • clean toy room if we have time done yeah!!!
  • clean my desk and dresser tops done!!
  • put new sheets on my bed and make it
  • sweep my floor
  • vacuum my rug and kyles thanks Cheyenne!!
  • clean fronts of TVs


  • just a general tidy of both ( i will deep clean another day)


  • help kids with homework done!!
  • bedtime by 8:30
  • have a snack sitting on my clean (lol) counter for when we get back home from school done we had oatmeal cookies and milk/juice
  • take movies back to the library done!! and the late charge was not to bad either cause she took off 3 bucks for the late DVD since they were closed 3 days for the storm so yeah!!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish done and i am working on my 3rd load now wooo hooo!!
  • clean up a little outside (from storm) if i have time no need the wonderful lawn guys hooked me up lol!!

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Anonymous said...

your not lazy your pergo. lol