Wednesday, August 27


oh yeah my kids are crazy, but thats why i love them so much ;)

i did not get everything done yesterday but i did get a lot done that i wanted to done and i will work on the rest today i am also gonna clean the fridge and freezer out cause i am gonna go to the store tomorrow and i want the fridge clean first a soda exploded in the freezer grrr and the fridge just needs cleaning its been awhile!!! i wanted to go to the store today but the kids get out early today and i would rather just go with kk cause that way i will have less people asking for things ya no!!!! kk will ask but she is happy with anything i can just give her something already in the cart and she is pleased lol ;) my mom is gonna be down today at some point hopefully before it gets to late cause i do not want the kids staying up late cause that equals grouchiness and no one likes that!!! well i guess that's all i got for now guys ttyl ;)

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