Tuesday, August 19


man i really hope that the tropical storm fay does not hit us that will be very stressful i have no clue where we will go if we have to evacuate housing! yesterday i cleaned up all the toys and stuff and put in the storage room and the house i can not wait till this is all over cause i am getting rid of a lot of stuff i guess having it all spread out i did not realize how much junk i have collected but yeah next week we are getting rid of some stuff so watch our curb!!! i have a small desk chad was gonna repaint it and started it but never finished if someone wants it its yours it does however have a small amount of water damage on the feet of it cause it was left outside under the car port but still caught a little rain! also a radio flyer trike pretty rusty but still rides great! and many other things but if you want them 2 just let me know!! i still can't believe they are on the news right now talking about the storm and around 5 i think they are gonna decide if school will be in session i hope its not cause man that will be really hard to get them in and out if its raining hard!!

well in other news kk and Cody had a wic appointment today and you no how fun those are haha we were there from 10am-12pm but hey i am just so grateful i was out at noon cause that gave me enough time to get Cody to school i was worried he was gonna be late for his 2ND day!! i really need to get some cleaning down today i did a lot yesterday but there is still so much today and it seems my days are going by soooooooooo fast now that the kids are in school!! well i guess i need to go for now and play with kk she is pretty lonely without her sister and brothers!!! later guys..

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Anonymous said...

i dont think they evacaute house for a tropical storm..i think its a hurricane 2 or more.. glad cody made it to "school" on time..lol