Thursday, August 7

fun fun

well i guess it was fun haha now we had a great day today we decided to celebrate Cheyennes birthday today (5 days early) just cause we wanted to haha so we started the day going to Ollie kolas for lunch and fun this was our first time going and it was ok i personally like chuckie cheese better as there is stuff for everyone to do there was not alot there for kk she had fun thou and we got a lot of tickets and were able to get some pretty cool prizes so that was cool!! after that we went by the movie theater to see if we could catch a movie and we were just like 15 minutes late for space chimps so we went and saw that and it was cute but had way to much "adult humor" which always annoys me i mean its for a child not an adult so there is no need for a comment like is that a banana in your pocket with a crazy look and many others but the kids enjoyed the movie and that's cool ;) after that we went to target cause i still owed Cheyenne one more gift (we do 3 gifts) and she picked a cute puppy dog that barked and wags its tail (like she really needed another puppy lol) but she loved it and while i was there we looked around some and man when they put clothes and toys on sale they really put them on sale i got Cody a little bug catching toy for a buck and he has already caught 2 spiders (yuck) and kyle got some candy (go figure) and kk got a dinosaur for 94cent and then i got 2 maternity shirts for 1.99 and 3.49 and they are cute!! i wish they would have had some shorts on sale but that's ok i also got kk a dora shirt for 1.99 and a matching pair of shorts for .78 cents and i had to buy some diapers cause i left my diaper bag at home and she spilled a fruit punch drink all over here at the movies so she needed the clothes and well you can only wear a diaper so long lol i did have a few spares in the van but that stinkin Jeni swiped them lol but its cool kk liked getting a new outfit and some dora diapers lol so after that we had to stop at Starbucks cause that's just what you do when you leave target (the main reason i don't normally go to target lol) and it was so hot today there was no way i was gonna get a vanilla latte like i usually do so i decided to just get something new and be brave so i got a shaken lemonade black tea sweetened and i have to say i loved it!! it was so good i wished i had gotten the large instead of the small but that's ok i do not need all that caffeine anyways and it was good ;) so now we are home and i just made Cheyenne cake its actually my first time making a homemade chocolate cake i have made homemade everything else so i figured it was time to make a cake and so far it smells great but we have not tried it yet lol I'll let you know how that goes later hehehe well i guess i should go and check on everyone i will try to post pictures later tonight ;)

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