Monday, August 4

to do list for 8/4/08

well i am not gonna do the routine today cause we have to go to the store and i think we are also gonna go to the beach so i will not be able to do the whole thing!! so i am just gonna do a to do list with stuff i have to do today!!

  • clean van out alas i still did not get to this!!
  • clean my desk i got half of it done so that's a start..
  • make my bed and have kids make theres done!!
  • dishes done!!
  • pick tomatoes nope and i have to do this tomorrow does anyone want some i have way to many if you pick them you can have them lol.. but for real i mean it!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum done!!
  • post bag of toys on freecycle (they are boys toys if anyone wants them)
  • go to the store done
  • call about my home phone cause its not working it stopped working last night grrrr done they are coming tomorrow between 10-12!!

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