Tuesday, August 12

happy birthday cheyenne

here's a picture of my mom and Cheyenne when she was about 2 mts old!
and here's a picture of Cheyenne when she was 4mt old and meeting her daddy for the first time he was out to sea when she was born so this is the very first time he held her and saw her in person it was a great day!!
and here's a picture of chad and Cheyenne "bonding" i always have liked this picture she was about 4mts old and he had just got home a few weeks before
and here's a picture of Cheyenne and bugar she was about 5 mts old and bugar well he was about a year old and missed all my love lol and was always jumping in front of the camera
and here's one of chad feeding Cheyenne when she was around 5-6mts old ;)
and this is a picture from today of Cheyenne lol ;)
here's another old one of me and Cheyenne she was about 3 years old
and another one of Cheyenne and me when she was about 1 mt old
and here's Cheyenne and daddy when she was about 4 mts old
and here is Cheyennes first Halloween when she was about 2 mts old ;)

well sorry the quality of these pictures are not the greatest but i do not have a scanner and i just took pictures of old pictures with my camera ;)
well since today is Cheyennes official birthday i thought i would write a post just about her ;) well Cheyenne is 8 years old today and boy has the time flown by i remember like it was just yesterday when i was in the Portsmouth naval hospital walking and walking and walking cause i was not ready to be admitted to the hospital and finally i told my mom forget this i am going home to sleep it was around midnight so we drove all the way back to my house in Norfolk which was about 25 or 30 minutes away and i was so happy to be home i got to lay down on my bed scratch that my air bed (yuck) cause i was going to stay with my mom after i had Cheyenne so everything was in storage so i got on my air bed and fell asleep for oh i don't know 20 minutes and knew it was time to go back to the hospital so me and my mom drove there but we forgot my id and the gate guard was like is this an emergency i am like duh its almost 2am and i am about to have a freaking baby lol so she let us in (thankfully) and they admitted me this time and then around 6am i had Cheyenne i remember being so worried she was gonna have red hair cause chad had red hair as a baby that the first thing i asked was when they said her head was out was what color is her hair hahahaha but it was not red it was dark black and she had a ton of it and she was beautiful!!! so fast forward to today 8 years later she is the most helpful little girl around she does the dishes with me and sometimes for me lol she vacuums the house she does laundry with me i have to put the soap in but she does everything else pretty much!! she also always helps with Kaylee one day she will be an awesome mother and wife!! lets see what else about Cheyenne oh yeah she just started getting into all the tween type stuff and really likes Hannah Montana, Taylor swift, and high school musical, we have watched high school musical everyday for about a week now (WoW) chad bought me that movie a few years ago cause he just knew i would love it cause it was a musical and i have to admit it was hard to pretend i loved it hahahaha but now i actually do like it Cheyenne is making me young i guess cause i also like Hannah Montana (shhh)

well we celebrated Cheyennes birthday last week and we had a great day!! for her birthday she got about 5 Hannah Montana shirts and some Hannah PJ's and also a Hannah cd lol, then she got a Taylor swift cd, the newest kids bob cd, and nims island on dvd (it was really good to), and lets see she also got some puppy that barks and wags its tail, 2 small baby dolls, a teddy bear that prays, and a big lip stick tube that was filled with jewelry and makeup and i also have 2 pairs of shoes for her that will be here tomorrow one is a pair of Hannah Montana crocs and a pair of Reebok tennis shoes (both she needed cause she has huge feet lol size 6 already)


The McClain Family said...

aw, happy birthday to her! i bet today is a bitter sweet day for you!

its nice to meet you! hope u dont mind me posting in here, lol!!
Yea, i live on base. on Everglades Circle N. its right after the sencond speed bump, first housing entrance. ugh, its like an anit social street! only 1 neighbor has come up to introduce themselves to me, and ive been here since jan!

hope to hear from you soon!

btw, i subsribed to you! HOW did u make your blog look so GREAT?

Christy said...

thanks for the birthday wishes for Cheyenne and as far as bitter sweet go yeah and no cause he was out to sea last year for her birthday also i guess its just becoming a tradition that stupid boat hes on is always gone!!

that sucks that you live on a circle street and your neighbors sucks lol i am not to far from the youth center and have a nasty ditch for a back yard and i know a few neighbors but i don't really hang out with them its more like a wave and we are on our way lol!

and thanks for subscribing i subscribed to yours also ;) and as far as making to blog look good it was trail and error for about a year but i love it now you just have to kinda play around with and i personally have a lot of time on my hands with chad being gone lol well ttyl

Jennifer said...

happy birthday cheyenne! She needs to come spend the night with Alisa next time you're in town since their the same age! Alisa's also a size 6 in shoes!