Tuesday, August 26

up way to early again!!


well i guess this is just my new thing to wake up super early yesterday it was around 5am i woke up to but i fought it yesterday and just layed in bed but today i just got up i figured why not lol its actually kinda nice and peaceful right now with everyone asleep i should be cleaning but i really doubt that's gonna happen hahaha but i am doing a list today and cleaning cause well the house needs its the past week it seems all i do is cook clean the kitchen eat and eat some more and then play tetris attack lol but there are a million other things i do also but it seems cleaning has just taken the back burner or something!! yesterday i made a menu plan for the next 2 weeks and i made a shopping list for it i have been so lazy and bad with chad being gone and with this pregnancy but i am just so tired of 6 o'clock rolling around and me scrambling around trying to figure out what to cook so i think this will help me to quit stressing out so much about that at least that lol my mom will be coming down either tonight or tomorrow and me and the kids are really looking fwd to that shes mostly coming down cause i have my appointment with the cardiologist on Friday but she is coming early to and staying the weekend also just to chill with us and its gonna be so nice to get out of our pretty boring routine!!! i am also really looking fwd to going to the cardiologist to erase all fears not that have been stressing much over it but at the sometime it is a little stressful ya no!! well i guess that's all i got for now i am off to do my list now!!

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

HEHE I have the opposite problem. I stay up too damn late at night. Because when everyone is sleeping. I can get some things done or be lazy on the comp, without the kids getting into something or need something from me. Its became such a bad habit of mine. But it will be nice to have your mom visit. I wish my parents would love down =(. Good Luck at the doc. Hope you get good news. And like kim said your not lazy your just pregnant. I am also teh opposite when it comes to cleaning. When Jeremy is around I become lazier and want to spen time with him and I eat, when hes gone I lose weight and I clean more...LOL funny huh