Sunday, November 9


OK i am grateful to be so blessed i am trust me, but all i can say is WOW!!! OK on to my story Friday me and chad and the baby's were driving around looking for houses that were for rent and we saw a ton of stuff on the curb of someones house and a big poster board that said free and there was a lot of nice wood furniture one being a nice furniture store type futon frame and since Cheyennes cheap walmart futon frame is messed up i was super excited so we got that and then a cool little antique night stand and then a little pine dresser all of which looked great so we get home and unload them and we were about to start cleaning them up before bringing them and and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were tiny roaches EVERYWHERE and i mean EVERYWHERE in the bed alone there were over 100 it was INSANE i have never in my life seen that many roaches and they were everywhere in all 3 things so we left and got some roach spray and used 2 cans on the 3 of them and after spraying and cleaning and taking the things apart we decided to paint the bed and we are finally almost done with it and we finally got rid of all the roaches on it so all in all i am very grateful for a free bed cause Cheyenne needed it but man i fee so sorry for the people that lived in the house this stuff came from ;(

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Anonymous said...

omg that made my skin crawl..glad yall got rid of them and have a nice bed and all..