Monday, November 3

3 weeks today!!!

so pictures i took of me and Caleb and Cody this morning for Caleb's 3 week birthday ;)
yeah not a great one of me but Caleb and Cody look super cute!

he looks so small in this one!!

he loves giving kisses hehe

man has the time flown by already Caleb is 3 weeks old today and it feels like i just had him yesterday!! but boy has he grown so much in these 3 short weeks he is just such a big boy and he loves being held by me and chad he does not like either of my slings thou but i just ordered a moby wrap and hopefully he will like that cause i think he will think hes still being held because of the way its made it should be here in a few days so we will see i guess lol!! and what he likes more then being held is eating hahaha!! i also ordered some more diapers for him cause hes busting out of his newborn ones lol, i do have small prefolds and covers but they are so bulky and i hate them for night time and since we had a little extra money i ordered 15 fuzzi bunz from kellys closet and i got seconds so really it was a good deal and this time i am saving all my favorite diapers i still have tons of mediums and larges so i should not have to buy anymore ever so that's pretty awesome!!! well i guess that's all for now later guys!

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Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I was saying the same thing to my fiance the other day. How I couldn't believe that he was 3 weeks old already. Time is flying by so fast.