Tuesday, November 18

i'm back..

well i am back we all kinda had a stomach bug i guess first chad came home sick with something and then kk got a little sick but then they were fine and then we went out to eat Saturday and got sick again but the strange thing is i went to wendy's and chad went to hardees both of us got chicken thou and both of us got really bad chicken i think cause our belly's were not happy to say the least lol but thankfully the kids were cool!! so anyways on to other cool news me and chad went garage sailing Saturday (before the bad chicken lol) and i found a couple cool things but the best thing was found on base a the thrift store i got an old singer sewing machine in the cabinet for 50 bucks and man it sews like a dream i learned to sew on one of these and they are so easy to sew on so it was awesome to find that i can't wait to start making things and sew more again i have already mended like a ton of things that had been waiting in a bag for months for me to do so i am pretty happy about the sewing machine!! well anyways here's my to do list for the day!

  • dishes done!!
  • counters i did half of them so that's a start!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor well i did sweep!
  • nag chad some more about the hamster cage (hehe) try again tomorrow lol
  • clean the living room done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done!!
  • have kids clean rooms before bed done!!
  • sweep the toy room and hallway done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish!! done!!

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