Monday, November 3

going good today...

a new picture of Caleb i took today
and another of my baby boy ;)

well today is a pretty great day so far it was so nice to get that extra hour this morning everyone woke up in a great mood and to make things even more awesome i decided to try on some paints that were not maternity and guess what they fit so wooo hooo i can wear real clothes again i am down to a size 9/10 so thats awesome and i am also 145 now which is 20 lbs lighter then i was when i had Caleb on the 14th so woo hoo to that also lol!!! in other news me and chad decided last night that now is the time to grow up and start saving money since he only has 8 years left in the navy but man its gonna be hard but i am pretty positive if we cut out eating out except once a week or maybe once every two weeks and cut out all or at least most the junk food we can easily save and now that i have had Caleb and have my energy back i can start cooking more from scratch and making better and cheaper meals i may try to get back into the cvs game but then again i might not cause while it is fun its stressful!! well i guess thats all i have got for now later guys!

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