Thursday, November 6

Maybe Moving... I HOPE

So Tuesday we get dirty little note on the door saying our carport is unsat and we need to clean it and we have like 48 hrs to comply or else and it pissed me off cause the carport was not dirty it has bikes on it and other outside kids toys but not trash or junk etc etc and then i was like whatever and got over it and then chad came home yesterday and saw it and got pissed and wanted me to look for rentals and it got me mad again to and i found a couple awesome rentals so i think we are gonna move off base and i have to say i am pretty excited about it not only will we be saving money if we get move in the one we both loved we will have a MUCH nicer place to live and its a lot bigger and has a fireplace (something i have always wanted) and its just nice if you can't tell i am super excited about this possible move!! the only thing i worry about is how soon we will start getting our bah once we put our 30 days notice in anyone out there know???

oh and in other news my diapers made it here today and they are so cute and look great i can't even tell the that 10 are seconds and the other 5 that are gently used do not even look washed or used at all to me so that's pretty awesome so as soon as they come out of the dryer little Caleb will have enough diapers for probley 2 days so that's awesome cause washing every day was a bit stressful!!

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jaimee0379 said...

We got the same note on our door and I was so freaking mad cause ours was cluttery but dang, we both work, we don't have time to clean the carport everyday. We just organized it a little and I guess they were ok with it cause they never came back. We are moving in May so we just have to tough it out a few more months.