Saturday, November 1

to do list for 11-1-08

yes that's right i am actually gonna do a to do list today i think a month an a half off is long enough and if you saw my house well you would agree i think i may even take some before and after pictures and add them later well assuming i get anything done lol!! Caleb makes housework hard cause he needs to be held all the time and pretty much only by me and he can't stand either of my slings so i am gonna order a moby wrap and hopefully he will like that one but we will see lol! anyways on to my list

  • dishes done!!
  • all the laundry yes all of it there is sooooooo much the boys are running out of clothes lol
  • my room done!!
  • have the kids clean there rooms done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs
  • go thru all the Halloween candy and toss the stuff the kids are not allowed to have done!!
  • sweep the kitchen done!!

OK that's all and i think it will be enough!! ;)

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