Monday, November 3

to do list for 11/4/08 since i did not do it yesterday lol!

** Update i did noting yesterday lol so this is my list for today now hahaha 11/4/08**

i was not gonna do a list today but changed my mind cause i want to get a few things done today and i am sure without my list it will not happen!! so here we go ;)

  • clean the kitchen counters and top of the stove done 11/5
  • find and go thru the kids winter clothes
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs in the house done finally 11/9
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed done finally 11/9
  • tidy up my room done finally 11/9
  • 1 load of laundry i did 4 loads!!
  • clean my desk

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