Wednesday, November 19

our day and 11/19/08's to do list...

well yesterday was not a very good day for my "diet" lol as i had 2 cans of soda and we ordered pizza cause i am lazy and really wanted it lol! so my goal today is to eat healthy-er and to only have one can of soda and to drink at least 4 glasses of water and try to do some kinda exercise!! other then that i really don't have much going on i think when chad gets off work we may go shopping for thanksgiving day stuff to get that over with so i am gonna work on getting a list of all the stuff i need to get for that this year chad will be home so that will be fun last year it was just me and the kiddos we all dressed up and had a great time thou! well anyways here's my list for the day!

  • dishes done!!
  • counters done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish done!!
  • list of stuff i need for thanksgiving done and i got some of it to!!
  • nag chad about the hamster cage again haha well we got all the stuff ready to do this so maybe tomorrow lol
  • clean both toilets i got the kids toilet done and that was the bad one!!
  • GO TO THE LIBARY (i have some very very over due books they were due before i had Caleb!!) sadly not!!
  • switch kk and kyle clothes out of the closet nope i totally forgot about this!!
  • finish getting the summer clothes out of the kids room and into the storage tubs nope again..
  • cut out a dress for kk and if i have time start sewing it maybe this weekend!
  • have kids clean there rooms and the play room before bed done!!

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