Wednesday, November 12

our day...

well we kinda changed our mind about moving well at least for now we are still gonna move but we are gonna wait until after the holidays cause it would be way to stressful trying to move right now so in about 2 or 3 months we are soooo gonna find a house to rent around here and i am cool with that it will be so nice to have carpet and a fenced yard again the only 2 things i really care about when it comes to finding a house to rent well i also care about the neighborhood but who doesn't!! i am a little upset this week as i got an email saying they were probably shutting finegan down (the kids school) and if thats the case they will go to a school i am not sure i want them to go to they are suppose to make some kinda announcement on the 21st we will see i guess here's to hoping it stays open cause its gonna suck if not!! other them that there is really not much going on we have been pretty lazy today i am hoping chad gets here soon cause he should really be home sleeping cause he is sick ;( but thats the navy for ya grrr!! well thats all i got i am gonna do a list in a few minutes thou ;)

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Anonymous said...

omg they might close down the school???thats nuts