Thursday, November 20

my day and to do list for 11/20/08

well day 2 of the diet went pretty good i ate well and i got a little exercise when we were walking around walmart hehe but i did drink 2 sodas again but that's OK its a lot better then what it was last week i was drinking about 4-5 then (caffeine free of course lol) but they have a ton of fat if only i liked diet but i hate it!! so anyways we got our turkey and a few other things i still have more to get but me and chad were pretty ready to go we had all 5 kiddos so that was fun hehe I'll probably go again today when everyone but the baby's are in school other then that i am just doing a little cleaning and a lot of lounging hehe anyways here's my list for the day

  • clean my room (its gotten bad) i got most of it done!!
  • dishes done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • counters done!!
  • library (maybe) nope!!
  • store (maybe) nope!!
  • have kids clean there room before bed done!!
  • clean toilet in my bathroom room nope maybe this weekend lol
  • have Cheyenne vacuum rugs kyle did it Cheyenne was studying for her test all night


The Brown Family said...

No it is not a military hubby is on shore duty for the next three years...he got some real cushy orders this time..

Kristin said...

I don't know how you get so much done with a new baby around. Our little one is 17 months old and I still can't seem to get things done. She is a very high maintenance little lady.