Friday, November 21

my day so far and to do list for 11/21/08

well the diet just went OK yesterday i ate great but i drank 3 sodas!!! and as far as exercise goes unless cleaning house counts i got none!! i think Monday i am gonna start over and have a fresh start well maybe i should make it next Monday cause of chads and kyles birthdays and then thanksgiving!! we will see i guess! so anyways we are gonna celebrate chads birthday today since he has duty tomorrow and will not be home (tomorrow is his birthday) i will need to run to the store real fast and get some stuff to make his cake other then that i am not sure if we are gonna do anything else for his birthday he got his "gift" the other day lol he got a new electric razor he really needed a new one!! usually we all go to a movie and out to eat for birthdays so we will see i do hope we go to a movie i really want to see the new Madagascar movie!! well here's my list for the day

  • library
  • store to get cake stuff
  • finish cleaning our room
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed
  • clean stove and counters
  • dishes
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish
  • charge my cell phone (lol its been dead awhile)
  • hamster cage (hopefully lol)
  • get chad to take our old TV stand to the curb


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Well Happy Birthday to Chad and Kyle. I saw kyle at the award ceremony today. And I got 2 pics of Christa and kyle when their names were called. I will post them on my page if you want them. Anyhow, enjoy your weekend. And for a long time we wouldn't get soda at all at our house and now that Jeremy has been gone, I get6 a case of Diet Dr Pepper and I told myself one a day, well today its been 3!!! So I know how you feel. Its just so easy to grab one of those then pour yourself something. I am so

melanie said...

Wow- that is quite the to-do list!! Reading made me get tired!!

Happy Birthday to Chad and Kyle!