Saturday, November 1

Woo Hoo!! I Got An Award!!

i am really shocked i got an award sometimes i wonder if anyone reads my blog besides Kim ( hehe, i love ya Kim) but i did get an award form Shynea at penny pinching diva and if you have never checked out her blog you should cause its great its filled with lots of good deals and lots of cute pictures of her 4 boys ;) and to top it off me and her had our baby boys on the same day and only within 2 hours of each other how cool is that right!!!?? so anyways i have to write about 6 things i am thankful for and i have to award 6 people so here we go ;)

  • God cause without him there is no telling where i would be right now!!!
  • my kids cause they are awesome and i can not even almost imagine my life without them!
  • chad cause hes always making me laugh and hes really the greatest daddy and husband ever ;)
  • my mom cause she is truly my best friend and has always been there for me
  • being able to be a sahm cause i would hate my kiddos having to go to a nasty daycare!
  • the Internet cause it keeps me in touch with chad when hes gone and keeps me in touch with old friends and family ;)

and the people i am gonna award are gonna be

  • kim cause she keeps me on track with her to do lists ;)
  • marcy cause she has the cutest little boy and i enjoy her blog ;)
  • michelle cause shes been a blogging woman the past few weeks and always has some good info on her blog ;)
  • kristin cause i love her blog!!
  • samantha i just stared reading her blog a few months ago and i really like it!
  • smockity frocks cause she makes some really cool things and has the cutest family ;)


Anonymous said...

women I love you so so much girl. i miss you and i have only been gone a few hours.

Michelle said...


I didnt realize I didnt have you on my friend side bar. Why didnt you tell me????

Christy said...

oh i just figured you had no love for me michelle lol ;)