Saturday, January 3

well its almost that time again!

so its almost tax time and i have to say i am pretty excited i am not sure why thou cause we are putting basically the whole thing on chads truck but i am so cool with that cause that means instead if paying it off in like 3 1/2 years we should have it paid off in 1 now so that will be awesome to get rid of that 633 dollars a month!! the next new vehicle we get will be paid in cash and that will be awesome i am not interested in a car payment ever again!! but i have to say i am a little impatient cause i can't wait to get a suburban or a passenger van and have more room i so wish i would have kept the excursion but all in all the camper was a lot of fun when we had it and one day i do hope we get another one but it will need to be a lot bigger lol! we are gonna do our taxes online this year and save our self some money cause h&r block fees are just to much and it looks really easy to do it online and we get the money back in 2 weeks so why not!! we changed our mind on the trailer for now cause we really want to get out of debt first and chad will be going out to sea later this year for 7 Mt's and home for about 6mts and then leave again for 4-6 Mt's so we both think it would be safer for us to live on base cause well it really does not get much safer then here and the beach is a walking distance so really what do i have to complain about except not having carpet hehehe but maybe we will get lucky and get to move into the nice new chief housing when they are done but i am not gonna hold my breath lol!!


Katena said...

I think it is a good idea to stay on base if Chad is leaving again. I totally understand about the car note wish we could pay ours off but we are going to put a big huck and pay off some bills also. the kids look great we sure do miss yall it would be nice to get into new housing have a great day katena

Jennifer said...

We always do our taxes online it's so easy. Hope yall had a great Christmas!