Friday, January 16

just another day..

well this has been an interesting week Wednesday chad had to drive 4 hrs away to Tampa to go to some BS pre trial from a bill collector for a bill that's NOT ours we even checked his credit report out to make sure it was not identify theft and NOTING was there!! but since he was the Chad Davis this bill collector picked he had to go and we went to a lawyer first cause they were very rude on the phone basically saying he was lieing and had to pay etc etc etc so he goes with all his paper work and the dude has noting on him cause its a pre trial so all he has is this debt and chads name so the judge can not cancel it and chad will have to go back in march for the real trial i mean is this not injustice or what we were so pissed about this and really still are i mean whats the world coming to when you can just pick a guy in the phone book and say you are the one that owes me!!?? and to top it all off the dude that served him the papers says i hope your the right guy and laughed like he has served other chad Davis i mean omg!!!!

but anyways the kids are out of school today well sorta Cody's got to go this afternoon hes actually getting a new teacher next week and while that's good for the class cause now maybe since they are getting a real teacher they might learn something before they start kindergarten but its also sad cause i really love the lady that does it now and so do all the kids!! but oh well i guess, i am gonna go to target today at some point cause i keep reading out them having some wonderful sales going on and kk really needs some sweaters and jeans she has been growing like crazy lately and kyle really needs some jeans and a new coat hes finally starting to grow to hehe ;) well i better go i need to get breakfast started before everyone dies of starvation lol!! later guys!

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Wow! I can't believe that. That is sort of scary. It does seem like anyone can just send you bill for anything.

By the way I forgot to mention on your giveaway what I would do with the money.

Honestly I would donate it to BloodWaterMission to help fight destitute poverty of women, men and children in Africa. Yeah, thats exactly what I would do.