Monday, January 26

my daybook for 1/27/09

FOR TODAY (1-26-09)

Outside my window is foggy and sunny all at the same time if that makes since ya gotta love this Florida weather

I am thinking i really need to help cody do his homework cause its almost time to take him to school!!

I am thankful for the USO cause every Monday and thursday i go there and get all kinds of yummy treats for me and my family for free!!

From the learning rooms noting new here really i am still working with Cheyenne and reading and cody with letters!

From the kitchen dinner will be a homemade lasagna and french bread and i can almost taste it already!

I am wearing my pj's still i really do need to get dressed lol!!

I am creating diapers well not really i am fixing diapers cause the elastic has pretty much went out in all of them and its actually a lot harder to do then i originally thought it would be!!

I am going to get dressed for the day soon and get lunch ready for the kids and cody ready for school!

I am reading lots of blogs and that's really about it!

I am hoping that Caleb is not getting sick cause he has been pretty fussy and not like himself today!

I am hearing the ups man knocking some clothes i ordered from the children's place are finally here i got Cheyenne a new coat and then kk a few things and Caleb a new outfit they are running some awesome sales right now!!

Around the house is a mess and probably will be forever lol

One of my favorite things are blueberry scones i tried one for the first time last week and its pretty much all i think about now hahaha

A few plans for the rest of the week: well we are suppose to get our tax money Friday so if that happens we are gonna pay our credit card off and then put ALOT on chads truck and be one step closer to debt free and we can't wait till that day comes!

Here is picture thought I am sharing here's cody doing kung fu with panda hahaha

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