Wednesday, January 21

some new pictures of the kids!

my silly kyle hehehe
this is Kaylee's quit taking my pictures mom!!

and this is Kaylee's smile lol ;)

Cody in daddy's navy hat ;)

and then theres Kaylee in daddy hat ;)

Cheyenne looking pretty we got her bangs cut and i am so glad i was so tired of seeing them in her eyes!

hehehe theres Caleb very mad lol!

but hes cool here ;)

check out our styling double chins hahahahaha

a good one of me and Caleb

my little cutie

see how long he is!

kissy kissy ;)

he was talking while i was kissing him ;)

hes just the cutest!!!

yeah i love that little boy!!

hehehehe so happy can you believe hes 3 1/2 mts now!!!

so so so cute!


Julie said...

Oh my gosh you children are so super cute!!!! The baby looks so huggable... :o) I miss mine being babies. My twitter is messing up. Email me directly @ I don't see my messages going out And now I can't get it to open up on my computer. So I don't know I am using the twitter deck thing. It loads then fades to white. Are you going to Walmart tomorrow?

Christy said...

thanks ;) and baby caleb is very very huggable ;) and i think thats why i keep wanting more baby's cause i don't want to be without a little one ;)

Heather said...

LOVE the kid pictures, congratulations on #5, I just had #4 in Oct and I also haven't updated my header to add the new addition. We have 2 boys and 2 girls, did #5 seem like a big adjustment? I think 4 is our max right now!
jandh at

simply_unique said...

awww they are so cute! Caleb not only looks huggable but kissable to lol very beautiful family