Wednesday, January 28

funny of the day

OK so this really happened a few weeks ago but i really don't want to ever forget it so not only am i writing it here but i am also writing it in Kaylee's baby book the one that only has her name in it lol anyways on to the story chad had duty so it was just me and the kids chilling out in the living room watching TV and a commercial came on for some hunting show or something like that

kyle: hey mom remember when dad shot and killed that deer in Oklahoma and we had lots of deer jerky

mom: yeah i remember it was good huh!

Kaylee: my daddy would never never shoot a deer NEVER!!!!!!

everyone but Kaylee: laughing so hard we were crying just thinking about it makes me laugh it was so funny how serous she was her daddy would never shoot a deer lol!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's sweet. It reminds me of my son that went through a phase saying he only wanted to eat vegetables because he didn't want animals to die. I was okay with that and planned vegetarian meals until the day he picked up a carrot, asked where I got it. I told him the store, of course and he asked where THEY got it. I proceeded to explain how carrots grow and his eyes filled with tears.
He didn't want to kill them either.
Then he only wanted to drink fluids. That was not fun.