Wednesday, January 28

My cute little Caleb!

so here's my little man wearing a pretty cool belt i won from the penny pinching diva and i have to say i LOVE her blog she also has a message board you should check out to penny pinching divas social network but yeah as you can see from this picture and all the ones that follow my Caleb and his new belt are super cute and very cool lol ;) BTW if you wanna buy one of these cute little belts go here GiGi Belts she has lots of cute girl and boys belts so check them out!!

he just looked so chubby in this one i had to share it lol

hes so cute!

daddy and lil man ;)

daddy kyle and Caleb ;)

daddy kyle and Caleb again ;)

Caleb just looking funny hehe


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

OMG! He is so adorable! And the pics with Kyle, daddy, and Kaleb are cute too. Boy girl, keeping up with all this stuff on blogger, sure takes alot of time. I just did Wordless Wed for the first time today. Well did you all get a Wii and Wii fit yet?

Tiffany said...

and there's Kyle pinching the baby's chubby cheeks, like any good brother would do. hahaha.

In the last picture, I think Caleb may be threatening you. That definitely looks like an "I'm gonna get you for this" look - ;) lol

gigibelts said...

Hi my name is Barbara from GiGi Belts. I was trying to find a way to email you directly to ask if it was ok for me to use one of the pictures you posted of Caleb on my website

He looks adorable in it. Let me know, my email address is


Christy said...

Jeni, nope no wii yet but hopefully soon i think it will be really fun!!

Tiffany, i also think Caleb was threatening me lol he can get a little mad at me when i am taking pictures!

and thanks Barbara again for the cute little belt here's a link to where cody is on her site guys

Christy said...

oops i meant Caleb not cody lol!!