Tuesday, January 27

my poor baby!

my poor little Caleb has been extra fussy today i am kinda thinking its possible hes getting sick ;( i really hope not cause i hate my baby's getting sick and cause he is not on chads insurance yet (yikes) but anyways hes been in my lap all day today or on my boob lol and here he is sitting in my lap chewing on his fist (his new favorite thing) and i hear a kinda strange sound and look down at him and his fist is stuck in his mouth hehe poor baby!! well i have to go and finish watching American idol they are in jax and i keep hoping I'll see someone i know! later guys!


Sharla said...

Oh no, poor little guy. I really hope he's not getting sick. Maybe he just wants mommy snuggles!

navymomx4 said...

hope hes not sick..maybe getting ready to cut some teeth??

Christy said...

you could be right Sharla cause he has been extra snugly ;)

but Kim i think you might be on to something and i really have no clue why teething did not occur to me cause hes drooling and chewing on everything my poor baby seems to little to be getting teeth ;(