Thursday, January 22

Free goodies from the USO!!

So i have been going to the USO here in Jacksonville cause i was told they get bakery items that are either about to expire or just did and then they get in other things to that are being donated and they get them every Monday and Thursday so if you are a military wife or member i highly encourage you to go but please go after me lol

here's what i got Monday ;)

and here's what i got today (Thursday) pretty cool for free huh!!


The Happy Housewife said...

wow, I wonder if they do this at all the bases?

Casey said...

oh wow, all for free? that sure is a good haul!

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Thanks for telling me about this stuff at the uso..this is for my second entry on your bloggy giveaway

Booklogged said...

I think that's a wonderful thing for them to do for service families. It brings a big SMILE to my face & heart.

I've also been looking at the pictures of your kids. What a darling family you have.

Michelle said...

NO WAY! They just give it away?