Wednesday, January 27


ughhh I'm so annoyed tonight!! stupid facebook is not working and i have a farm to harvest and plow lol and i really really need to play that stupid bouncing balls game because i have to beat Alicia's high score its driving me insane her score is higher then mine but can i can get on facebook to do this stuff ummmm no i can't!! anyways... my mom should be here soon and thats awesome!! we can't wait! but the reason she is comming kinda sucks kk's got a dentist apt in the morning and has to be sedated since she is so young i just hope everything goes smoothly and shes get everything done fast and pain free and kk is out of it the whole time i just keep thinking what if she wakes up ;( my poor princess i feel bad for her ;( and me to i am going to the dentist on Monday YUCK i sooooo hate the dentist but not as much as i hate the gyn Dr's lol OK I'm bored and i guess i am just going to go watch tv since i can't play any facebook games tonight later guys!

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