Monday, January 11

pantry challenge

well day 2 went pretty good we had eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and then for lunch we had hot dogs and mac and cheese then dinner we had chicken , fries, and carrots and for snacks we had strawberries, oranges and animal crackers!

day 3 (today) did not go good i had to go to the store to get snack for Cody's class for tomorrow and not only did i get Cody's class snack i got pretzel's and lemonade and cranberry juice and a book i guess the book does not count but the other things do :( oh well i said no to a ton of other things so thats a plus!

so breakfast the kids had oatmeal and i had yogurt and for lunch me, Caleb and kk went to chickfila also BAD BAD BAD cause i am not suppose to be eating out right now :( for dinner we are having a tuna casserole and carrots and i think i will make some tea :) hopefully the rest of the week will go better!!!


Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Hey lady! Long time no speak. How are you and those beautiful babies doing? I wish I could take part in this pantry challenge, but since moving our pantry is bare. It would be nice not to have to go grocery shopping so much. It would acutally be a relief.

Take care,

Christy said...

i know shynea its been a long time it seems!!! i am doing pretty great and so are the kiddos!! how are you and the family doing!!?? and this pantry challenge was not fun or easy lol i was cheating left and right i love going shopping it don't matter what i am buying so this was not fun for me haha!!