Tuesday, January 19

pantry challenge

well this has been way harder then i ever imagined i have cheated and slipped up alot i have gotten a few more snacks and i got yogurt and a couple cases of water we have also ate out a few times I'm going to try better this week my plan is to just not leave the house because if i stay home i can't spend money right lol!?!? so thats the plan right now! here's a rough draft of what i plan to serve this week for us ;)

  • Tuesday
dinner: frozen pizza and corn (they love corn lol)

  • Wednesday

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: sandwiches and chips

dinner: meatballs, mac'n'cheese and green beans

  • Thursday:

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: leftovers

dinner: spaghetti, green beans, french bread

  • Friday: (no school)

b-fast: eggs, grits and toast

lunch: chicken nuggets, fries, and corn

dinner: tatortot casserole and carrots

  • Saturday:

b-fast: chocolate chip pancakes

lunch: leftovers

dinner: roast chicken in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes

  • Sunday:

b-fast: oatmeal

lunch: leftovers

dinner: leftovers or pizza

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