Saturday, January 9


man its been another month since i have posted again i just don't know whats wrong with me these days lol!! honestly there is not a whole lot to report with chad being gone we really don't do much but play the wii and watch movies :) we are past the halfway point now so that's pretty exciting :) i am starting to go on a diet now which is super hard for me cause i love my junk food and fatty drinks I'm on day 3 and its not easy!! but hopefully i will stick to it and lose that 20lbs i need/want to lose before chad comes home!! i started my diet blog again if you want to follow along with (bye-bye fat) it maybe it will keep me motivated to do good lol!! well here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasures lol :)

here's little man looking pretty funny I'm sure if chad was here he would say its because he has a gators shirt on haha!!

a picture of kyle on his 8Th birthday (11-27)

cutie Cody :)

one of the out takes from the beach pictures i love kks face in this one lol!!

shes so cute!!


Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Your babies are getting so big. Look at little Caleb. He is gorgeous.

Christy said...

thanks he is a cutie i love that little man!!