Saturday, January 9

Eat From The Pantry Challenge

well i have decided i am going to try this for the month of January it should not be to hard since i am starting late (1/9) but then again i usually stop by the store once or twice a week so we will see!! my plans are to still get milk, eggs, and fruit because we go thru them big time and i do not want to deprive us of foods that are good for us!! but that is all i plan to buy!!!! i will try to post every couple days what i made or what i plan on making i am sure around the end of the month i will be getting pretty creative lol!!

Here's Today's Menu


Cinnamon Toast and milk (kyle had apple juice)


I'm thinking chicken nuggets and mac and cheese


goldfish crackers and strawberries or oranges


Chinese potstickers and stirfry veggies and noodles

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