Thursday, April 1

its been awhile..

Well hello everyone its been way to long yet again!! Sorry i have been so bad with updating it seems i do most my updating on facebook these days! But since chad is back know i wanted to update about that, he got back home 2 weeks ago and it was GREAT!! We had tons of fun going the park and playing football, OK i did not play football but it was fun to watch ;) Today is his first day back at work and he has duty so that is a super bummer!! But at least he will be home early in the morning unfortunately he will have duty on Easter so we will be celebrating on Saturday. We are also starting a new diet, well sorta anyways we are going to be giving up all sodas, coffee, sweets and junk food (including fast food) for 30 days and working out everyday for 30 days I'm hoping to see some results cause i really NEED to lose 20 pounds and getting into a healthier eating routine should help! well that's all i have for now later guys..

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