Sunday, May 3

menu for 5/4- 5/10

its been so long since i did a menu and i really need to start again cause i am tired of trying to figure it out around 5 or 6 ya no! so here we go

breakfasts will be oatmeal or grits on the weekdays and eggs bacon or sausage and biscuits on the weekend

lunch's will be either leftovers or some pasta and veggies or a grilled cheese sandwich


Monday~~chicken and rice with broccoli we had corn on the cob instead of broccoli ;)

Tuesday~~"slop" lol its potatoes cream of mushroom soup Cheddar cheese and hamburger meat all mixed up and baked it probably sounds gross but we all love it and green beans its kinda like this casserole we went for a long drive and got back way to late for me to make this so i made skillet lasagna and some Chinese dumplings (it took like 15-20 Min's to make both lol)

Wednesday~~beans cornbread and fried potato's or rice (depends on how much time i have and if i have potatoes left) we had tater tot casserole lol ;)

Thursday~~tater tot casserole so yummy!! and salad we ate out at O'Charlies bad bad i know!!

Friday~~homemade pizzas and maybe bread sticks we had pizza yeahhhh ;)


Sunday~~chicken on the grill, some mac'n'cheese mashed potatoes and corn on the cob

for other menu ideas check out I'm an organizing junkie

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