Thursday, May 14

I missed my Tonya ;) UPDATED W/Pictures

i have to admit i am so freaking happy right now this morning Tonya (my ex step sister lol) confirmed me as a friend on myspace see i have missed my Tonya so much we grew up together my mom and her dad were together/married from the time i was about 12 or 13 till i was 18 so we spent a big part of our life together and we always had fun i remember this one time she mooned the traffic on scenic hwy hahahaha and then i remember all the funny pictures we would take and i remember this one time i said something to her from the earphones in our little stereo and she like god is that you hahaha it was so funny i am sure it does not sound funny but it was! it has been so many years since i have been in contact with Tonya when i joined the navy in 98 i did not talk to her much and then my mom left her dad in like 99 and then my mom moved to Texas so i up until like the summer of 2007 (i think) i had not seen or talked to her but my mom moved back to Pensacola and i called mark (yuck lol) to get Tonya's number and we met up and it was awesome seeing her but sadly we only got together that one time and now its 2 years later and she is finally on myspace so i am pretty excited and shes getting married in 6 Mt's that's just so awesome!!!

Here's some old pictures of us they are kinda crappy cause i took them with my camera i really need a scanner but they are still cool ;)

here's a picture of Tonya from probably 1997 ;)
and here's on of that crazy sister of mine from 96 i think?? hahahahahaha

and here's one of me and Tonya and wally cat from 97 or 98 ;)

and another one of me and Tonya from 96 probably yes i look like a boy thanks for noticing lol!

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

That cool. Its always good to find old friends or step relatives. Nice pics there. Gosh reminds me of the 80-90's. lol