Friday, May 8

i've got sewing fever!!

OK this is just a cute picture of Caleb and daddy sleeping and if you read little mans shirt it says my dads a geek hahahahaha
little man in the first ever diaper i have made

check it out pretty awesome huh its a fleece all in one

and here he is in a gator fleece all in one ;)
too cute!!
aww my baby's getting way to big!!
he is pretty mad here as he is in terrible need of a nap and he was fighting it like crazy but the diaper looks good right hehe ;)
i caught a little bit of a smile lol


Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Caleb is getting SO big. He is gorgeous. I am loving the cloth diapers that you have sewn. Sometimes I wish I would have cloth diapered. The cover ups are too cute.

Thank you so much for offering me your diaper coupons. I would love to have them. We can meet somewhere or you can pop them in the mail. Either or. I think baby Caleb and baby Reginald need a playdate anyways. ;) lol

Christy said...

he is getting to big he is already in size 18-24 mts 12Mt's are tight on him!! and thanks about the diapers i really like them and am glad i made them and ya no they were really easy to make!!

and as far as coupons go its not diaper ones well i am sure there are some in there buts about 4-5 weeks of Sunday paper coupons!! as you no i am in the beaches area and really i don't leave this area i could meet you at the beaches library or a park or like you said i could mail them to you if you don't want to travel this far out cause your in orange park right?? and thats like 45 minutes away (yuck) so if you want me to i will mail them i have to mail my mom something anyways soon!

itsahumanzoo said...

What a cutie! I didn't know you were in Florida, (I was born and raised in South Florida) go Gators! :)

Christy said...

yeah i was actually born in Pensacola, fl but my hubby's in the navy so we have moved a lot right now we are in Jacksonville, fl and i like it and i love the gator colors i really don't care much about sports but my hubby loves OU so Caleb wearing this diaper makes me laugh cause hes like get that thing off my boy hahahahahahaha

The Pauls' Family said...

Love the John Deere print :)

The Happy Housewife said...

Love the John Deer diaper, the Gator one not so much....
I had hoped to make my own diapers too, but with the bed rest that didn't happen. I guess since Cora will be in diapers for a while so I have time to make a few before she moves on to underwear!

Christy said...

thank you "Pauls Family" for visiting my blog i really enjoyed yours yesterday when i spotted it off a link on a blog i go to daily! and i love the john Deere diaper also it is too cute!!

and toni shame on you posting GO SEMINOLES!!!! on my blog hahahahha j/k i plan to make on of them next week hehehe ;) and you should try to make some they are really so easy i was scared to ever try and finally did and am very happy!!